Our Passion For Minis Shows in What We Do

“At Kateland, our goal is to produce quality, competitive driving Miniature Horses, and we are committed to training our Minis to their fullest potential. We understand that each horse is different, and we can match your needs with our horses.”

-Ted Jenney

Our Services

Driving Lessons

Now, if you are a little short on driving smarts, then even a great horse will have trouble making you a champion.

Breaking and Training

Despite training our own, we still find time for training outside Minis and any horse purchased from Kateland can be brought back for training.


Kateland Farm has obtained the alias of “Mini Heaven,” and for good reason. It’s a dream come true for any little Mini Horse (or Mini Horse lover) to visit or live.


Stud, Joni (pronounced “Johnny”), always welcomes outsiders for a stud fee of $500.

Foaling and Birthing

After foaling over 300 Miniature Horses at Kateland Farm, you can rest assured that we have seen it all, and your broodmare is in good hands, literally.


Need help getting your Mini ready for the show season? We’ve got you covered.

Elegant Multiples Hitches

Tandems, randoms, trandoms, unicorns, four-in-hands, as well as pairs- You name it, and we’ve done it. At Kateland, we pride ourselves in our multiples hitches.

See our multiples teams for sale  Click Here

A Mini Bit About Us

The first Kateland Miniature, a weanling named Katelin, was acquired from Mendon Equestrian Center in 1989. Since then, Kateland Farm has produce over 300 Miniatures, raising many to be driving horses. While many breeders have limited their programs to breeding for smaller and smaller minis, the Kateland Program has been directed towards larger miniatures of 34 to 38 inches, and training the horses to drive.

In the early days of the farm, the Minis were shown in many breed shows, such as ones offered at the state fair grounds. The acceptance of the Miniature as a special driving horse group by the American Driving Society in 1995 resulted in many opportunities to compete, and the farm has concentrated  on raising competitive driving Miniature Horses. The largest pleasure driving competition in the world, Walnut Hill, is held in Pittsford, New York where the Kateland Miniatures have excelled in creating an excellent showing record. In 1998, Bill Remley asked Kateland to form a Driving Drill Team for exhibition at the Walnut Hill Competition (pictured above). The team showed for many years having over 20 different drivers (“whips”).

The farm consists of three horse barns with one used for expectant broodmares, another for mares and fillies, and a third for geldings and stallions. A 60 x 120 feet show barn on the property has been converted to a special events barn and hosts weddings. Next to the show barn is a 40 x 80 meter Dressage ring . The 28 acre farm is laced with trails and obstacles used for Cross Country Driving by horses of all sizes.

Kateland Farm continues to provide driving horses, training, driving lessons, harnesses, and vehicles for Miniature Horses.

While our miniature, Gloria, stayed at Kateland waiting to give birth, we decided it was a great idea to sleep in the barn on the grain bin until she came into labor. Three nights of that was quite enough for a lifetime… and still no baby. But every night staying at the farm, out came Ted from the house around 2am with two toaster’s strudels - one for him and one to share! Thank you for all that you have done for the Minis and our family!

Wendy Barbato

Thank you so much for believing in me (a non-driver at the time) and for my lovely Inky. She has won many blue ribbons in Combined Driving at the Preliminary level, as part of my pair, as well as at pleasure shows. She has a forever home with our family here.

Carrie Wind

I cannot put into words how you and your farm have changed my life and that of our family (though I'm sure my husband could find a few words). I am blessed to have a barn full of Kateland horses and a shed full of carriages - life could not be better!

Joan McMahon

Any day spent at Kateland felt special to me, as it provided a true escape from the everyday world. Kateland is a total fantasyland for people who don't have a horse farm! Your dedication to the Miniature Horse is legendary, and I will always be thankful our paths crossed. You have started so many of us on the path of driving safely and successfully. Thanks for helping me get started with my driving pursuits.

Linda Santos
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