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Driving Lessons

There are several good reasons to take a driving lesson.

1. It would be nice if you were smarter than your horse. It will need a lot of training if it has not been worked in several years.

2. Driving lessons are far less expensive than horse training. It is time and money well spent if you are going to train your horses.

Now if you are a little short on driving smarts, then even a great horse will have trouble making you a champion.

Driving lessons can be arranged directly with Starlyt Knight (585) 331-1281

Single Whip- $30/60 Minutes

Pair Driving- $50/60 Minutes



Horse Training

We break and train around five Kateland Miniís a year plus another ten we are conditioning for competition and drill team work. We still find time for training outside miniís and any horse purchased from Kateland can be brought back for training.


The typical mini has been broken to lead, walk, trot, back, and stand still. This takes around 25 sessions, or two months, to reach a level of a green broke driving horse. We break the miniís at two years old, but limit activities. Cones and cross country will be begin when they are three years old.


For more information on our breaking and training, please email at katelandfarm@aol.com

Other Kateland Farm Fees





Breaking and Training



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Costs Passed Through


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Clipping (Washing)

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Trucking to Shows

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